Bringing Automation to the Data Center

August 1, 2008

Bringing Automation to the Data Center


Judith Hurwitz, CEO

Robin Bloor, Partner

Sponsored by CA

Just as applications were built and implemented in silos, so was most of the data center’s management software.

In the mainframe era, the typical data center was designed to support a single centralized platform with a single operating system and a relatively small population of applications. Although data center management was complicated, computer workloads were well defined and well understood. As we know, those  days are long gone. Today, the typical data center has a myriad of servers running different operating systems and a large variety of applications. The complexity of the data center has exploded and the ability to manage the data center’s overall workload has, in many organizations, decayed to a dangerous level. In addition, both internal and external compliance initiatives now demand much stricter and more visible governance of an organization’s whole IT operation.


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