“Ascential Software Customer Benefit Study”

April 1, 2005

“Ascential Software Customer Benefit Study”

Author Marcia Kaufman, Partner

While many customers initially assumed they would only use the Ascential Software solutions as a set of isolated tools to move and cleanse data, the majority recognized that the overall implementation had a profound impact on their businesses.
Hurwitz & Associates conducted in-depth interviews with 17 of Ascential Software’s customers from a range of industries. The goal of the study was to identify patterns of success across the group of customers – specifically the business, technical, and process benefits these companies were experiencing using Ascential’s products. All customer data was treated in the aggregate so that their information could be used without having to identify each customer directly. Respondents noted very tangible benefits, ranging from quantifiable decreases in development time averaging 50% to substantial qualitative improvements in customer satisfaction. (Figure 1) In fact, faced with dramatic increases in data loads and increasingly complex IT infrastructures, many of the companies indicated they could not run their businesses without the data management and integration solutions provided by Ascential Software.


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