Are Your Web Applications Safe? Ask Cenzic.

October 31, 2006

Are Your Web Applications Safe? Ask Cenzic.

by Carol Baroudi, Partner

Fire walls up, intrusion detection on, identity management in place – do you know if the applications you’re running are safe? Do you in fact know what applications are running on your network? Perhaps you’re unaware of the ways in which evil-minded perpetrators can have at your data by exploiting vulnerabilities in your applications. Not just the applications that you’ve developed in house, but those myriad applications that you dutifully pay for. Just because they’re maintained by established vendors that routinely provide patches for security doesn’t mean those applications aren’t providing access to culprits ready to take advantage. Networks of hackers publish vulnerabilities and exploits to aid and abet their cohorts in the ever-more lucrative enterprise of stealing data. Automated attacks online casino slot leave no domain safe. If your brand faces the web, you best know just how vulnerable online blackjack you are.

Most web-facing apps are under siege. Most web-facing apps are casino vulnerable.  Perhaps you haven’t wanted to know just exactly what kind of vulnerabilities are leaving your company exposed online pokie games play casino right this minute. In Hurwitz & Associates opinion, it’s not if your casino online polska vulnerable but rather play online casinos how vulnerable are you. It’s not so much if any of your applications is unsafe rather which applications are most unsafe so that you can prioritize your remediation and plug the biggest holes first. And it’s not a one-time deal. Application vulnerability is a constantly moving target, quite literally speaking. As such it needs constant attention.

Santa Clara based Cenzic, Inc. automates the discovery and security assessment of all web applications running on your network. Cenzic’s Hailstorm automates penetration testing against the applications you choose. Hailstorm quickly runs an in-depth security assessment to find critical vulnerabilities and creates its proprietary HARM report that quantifies the vulnerabilities and allows you to see where you’re most vulnerable. We think everybody needs to know just how vulnerable their apps are. We encourage you to sic Cenzic’s attack engine on your applications in a carefully staged environment. We dare you.

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