An Evolution in Scalability and Support

September 1, 2009

An Evolution in Scalability and Support


Judith Hurwitz, CEO

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It is a complicated time for companies trying to keep up with important innovations intheir technology infrastructure without having to replace their existing investments in everything from legacy applications to complex databases.          

The reality in today’s market is that companies must continue to upgrade their technology or risk falling behind their  competition. Companies are taking many paths to confront this issue. Some companies are moving to a Service Oriented Architecture in order to encapsulate their existing valuable knowledge into a reusable form. Other companies are looking to sophisticated open source software to either supplement or replace aging systems. In addition, companies are looking for the right partners to support their needs for reliability. The reality is that there is no one approach that will solve all customer problems. What works for many customers is to select a hybrid solution – a combination of leveraging existing investments, a reliable support infrastructure combined with investments in emerging technologies. This hybrid approach can also strengthen the value of the technology a company has already invested in.


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