5 Guiding Principles

Hurwitz & Associates 5 Guiding Principles

1. Technology is a means to an end. Each technology innovation has to be understood in context with related technologies and the impact of all of these technologies on solving business problems.
2. Customers will not buy what they don’t understand. The first goal is to explain the value of the technology to solving business problems. Then you have to lead a customer to understand how implementing a specific solution can lead to business and an individual’s success.
3. Building relationships between customers, partners, and vendors is the magic formula for success. Ironically, money comes from customer success and not the other way around.
4. Be one step ahead of your customer or your industry. One of the biggest mistakes is refusing to change. Just because you have always done things one way doesn’t mean this approach will sustain you. Listen to customer based on where they are going not where they have been.
5. Be careful of fad technologies that don’t lead to economic value for customers. Early technologies are worth experimentation but need time to mature.